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The sweeps have unfolded as international human rights activists have denounced the Egyptian government and urged an end to the arrests.On Friday, the United Nations human rights office described the anti-gay raids in Egypt and similar assaults in Azerbaijan and Indonesia as unjust and violations of international law.As of Tuesday, at least 20 people in Egypt had received prison sentences ranging from six months to six years, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights said, including four people who were sentenced Saturday to three years each.The crackdown is the latest sign of the repression of political and social freedoms under the government of President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi.

Some cafes frequented by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community have been shut down.But authorities have been targeting gay people under a 1960s anti-prostitution law that contains a clause against “debauchery,” which Egyptian courts have interpreted to include homosexuality.The latest detentions constitute the biggest action taken against the gay community since the 2001 arrest of 52 people at the Queen Boat, a floating nightclub on the Nile.Extrajudicial killings by state security forces have soared, say human rights groups, as have arrests of political opponents.Hundreds of websites, including independent media, have been blocked.Some of those arrested have endured beatings and other abuse in their prison cells, while others have been subjected to forced anal examinations, human rights activists said.

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