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“It’s weird to be a little heavier, but it’s good because I need to gain weight for the baby because he needs to grow,” she explains.

“It’s fun to let go and not worry for once in your life how much you weigh and being in perfect shape.” Now into her second trimester, Sliwinska is taking advantage of “the best time of the pregnancy” to continue exercising. I’m putting in an hour a day of physical activity,” she says.

[We both understand] how difficult it is for a dancer to take time off to be a mom,” she says.

Once their babies arrive, the new mamas are “definitely going to keep in touch and …

Edyta became a successful ballroom dancer in Poland and achieved a world-class status representing Poland on International competitions all over the world.

She moved to America in 2000 to pursue her dance career, after she met Alec Mazo at the ballroom dance competition in Blackpool, England.

DPI retains this infrastructure to efficiently produce large scale stage shows.

Dancing always put a damper on starting a family, but now Edyta Sliwinska is ready to shine in her greatest performance to date: motherhood.

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It was hilarious and so true,” Sliwinska shared with a laugh.

“My husband brilliantly decided to fix a broken toilet in the upstairs bathroom.

So he’s like, ‘Going to Home Depot, buying a toilet.’ And I’m like, ‘OK that’s fine’ – I didn’t have any contractions,” Sliwinska recalled, saying her labor started soon after Mazo left the house and she frantically called him to head home.

In the summer 2005 Edyta appeared on the first season of Dancing With The Stars, one of the most popular shows on TV.

Edyta is known for being the only professional dancer to appeared on all 10 seasons of “Dancing with the Stars”, partnered among others with Evander Holyfield, George Hamilton, Ashley Hamilton, Aiden Turner, Joey Lawrence, John Ratzenberger, Cameron Mathison, Jason Taylor, Jeffrey Ross and Lawrence Taylor.

Expecting a baby boy in January with “the greatest guy on earth,” husband Alec Mazo, the former pro says the couple’s latest steps have been completely choreographed. We always wanted to start a family and it never seemed to be the right time with our careers,” Sliwinska, 32, tells PEOPLE.

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