Edward g robinson jr dating


His success was surprising considering how almost everything about him was peculiar for a leading man.When one ponders the obstacles he overcame on the way to such a lofty career, it isn’t hard to fathom why he was perpetually insecure about his celebrity.Like most actors he considered the stage the pinnacle of his profession, and looked down on the movies.Yet a film role could pay the equivalent of many weeks theatrical work, and in advance.He was living an ordeal often worse than those of the men he portrayed on screen.And regardless of what anyone would consider an avalanche of bad luck, Robinson himself was partly to blame.He played a vice baron in a forgettable picture called The Widow from Chicago before Wallis offered him the part of Rico.Little Caesar was an immediate smash — Robinson had created the definitive screen gangster, making him a national sensation.

Goldenberg would arrive last, along with his younger brother, his mother, and his grandmother.Thalberg offered a contract worth a million dollars, but theater work was forbidden.It was a deal-breaker for Robinson, who was so shocked after nixing the offer that he vomited on the sidewalk outside Thalberg’s office.He played a mobster again in Universal’s Night Ride (1929) before doing A Lady to Love (1930) for Irving Thalberg, who by then wanted Robinson for a long-term deal at MGM.He met with the young mogul, but it didn’t go well.He later transferred to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and began to seriously develop his craft — he also dropped his given name in favor of the Anglo-sounding Edward G. He found the post-graduation job market thin, but eventually talent won out, and by 1915 he was a working actor.

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