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The Smart MarriagesĀ® Annual conferences were all recorded and are available on CD or MP3 downloads.

More than 160 workshop sessions per conferfence plus 20 keynotes at each conference are also availableon DVD video.

This not-for-profit organization in Chattanooga, Tennessee (TN) is dedicated to strengthening families through community education, research, skills training, media outreach, networking and collaboration.

Through partnerships with more than 80 local and national organizations, FTF works with all...

Tailored to Israeli society and available in Hebrew and English, I-PREP is based on the world renowned PREP program created by...

As a leading membership organization for family professionals, the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) provides a forum where family researchers, educators, and practitioners can develop and disseminate knowledge about families and family relationships. NARME exists to champion the wellbeing of marriages, families, parents and children through relationship and marriage education.

Unlike other family programs, Keeping FAITH attacks the cultural barriers of... Our mission since 1996 has been to develop engaging, entertaining, informative resources for personal growth and the development and maintenance of healthy relationships.

Educators, ministers, laity, mental health professionals, and community leaders can train to present these highly interactive programs that have reached over a...

Our board directors are located across the United States with our corporate office in Tallahassee, FL. Video, skills and research-based, easy-to-teach, no-training-required, guy-friendly!

In these innovative programs, couples come for fun dates and leave with marriage skills!

Our board directors are located across the United States with our corporate office in Tallahassee, FL. An organization dedicated to providing personal and professional enrichment and support to those who minister with families.

Membership includes anyone working in family ministry within the Catholic Church, but also open to Catholics doing family or marriage education under any other auspices....

This unique, affordable, easy-to-use deck of cards, gives individuals & couples life-changing insights into their hidden attitudes about money.

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