Drawing down the moon dating service


The focus on shared interests ensures that, when two people meet, if they don’t click, they at least have something to talk about.“If you both love music, it makes things easier,” says Simon Lane, a unit trust dealer.They compose a profile that is matched against a database of eligible singles and advertised anonymously.Promising respondents are met and interviewed, so the client sees only people who seem genuinely suitable.“As a student, my best friends were [future] writers, politicians and lawyers, not medics.”So, will love blossom for those who seize the initiative?Investment banker John, a veteran of introductions services, sounds a cautionary note.

Yet in an age of internet dating, why should successful businesspeople sign up for highly priced services that marry the arcane arts of matchmaking to executive headhunting?

The Industry Awards offer a unique opportunity for companies and individuals to be recognised for their achievements in Dating Technology, Marketing, Media, Customer Service, Expertise and Entrepreneurship.

The third UK Awards show was held on November 17th 2016.

Sophia Siddiqui, a former client service officer at Merrill Lynch and one-time public relations adviser for Drawing Down the Moon, an introductions agency, sees personal introductions as offering an escape route from the workplace.

Ms Siddiqui originally approached Drawing Down the Moon with a view to becoming a potential client, after spotting its advertisement in the Merrill Lynch gym.“At an institution like Merrill it’s possible, almost literally, to live at the office because everything is provided from the gym to dry cleaning.

Helen (not her real name), a 36-year-old City professional in fund management, joined The County Register six months ago.

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