Dj sbu still dating terry pheto

I think this is sweet and she mos def deserves to be happy!

Sunday Sun reports that Tina and Prosper Mkwaiwa have broken up.

It came to my abrupt attention that bloggers can be very gullible at times with what they read and hear.

Yes, understandably, it is often very difficult to to filter facts from rumour or assumptions, but when it comes to media, I think we need to take heed that the industry is driven and built by hyping or stretching truths about our celebs.. And with that in mind, take every bit of news with a pinch of salt.

So we are not the only ones who are struggling with data.

Did she cheat or is her super rise to stardom a threat in the relationship? Really now, Bonang's only 21 and I don't even remember who I dated at 21!

to me she is either deep in love or way too desperate..

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*Yawn* DJ Sbu’s Mofaya energy drink is not doing as well as he had hoped. Lagosh claims someone spiked his drink with a love portion while out clubbing because they couldnt get enough of him.If it wasn't of detectives like BS and other clued up bloggers who decipher the truths for us, we would readily believe everything!I am going to use the the alleged Zizo and Andile relationship, courtesy of RGB as an example. Not in any shape or form, yet we believe it because RGB said ' they are rumoured to be dating'.Apparently no Retail store wants to stock the drink. *sigh* Liezelle Tabane and Teko Modise are back together and holidaying at the Seychelles as we speak.Nice Ellen Tshabalala finally resigned at the SABC as this qualifications controversy was affecting her family.I've seen them together a couple of times myself to know it to be fact. all in the name of gossip and fun's sake while we pass time through our working day..adds colour to our day. I mean what would possibly make him wake up now after so many years?

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