Df not updating after delete


If you created a copy of a file by using the Send To command and you did not choose to be prompted for updates, this copy cannot receive updates from the source file.You can change this setting and make the copy available for updates. After a short period of time, the 'df' reappears. It appears that some of the work continues in the background. In future, use fuser or lsof to find out what process has the file open before you delete it. Note the "-n" -- it's very important, because without it, the filesystem might be opened for writing. I used lsof to check, no process hold the deleted files. If a file is opened for write or update by a process and you delete it, the disk blocks it allocated will not be returned to the available disk space until that process is halted or it closes the file. Another way, if you really need to know, is to run "fsck -n" on the device for the filesystem.

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Otherwise, the item may be recreated whenever someone chooses to update any existing copies of the source file.Hello, I have a linux systems with RHEL-4 installed with seven partitions, SATA Harddisk size is 160GB , My /usr becomes 95%, When I checked using `df -k` , So I deleted Some logs from there and freed Space upto 35 GB, Now when I give `df -k`. How do I get the right status from `df -k` without rebooting thet system.I tried by giving sync, and even remounted that by giving foll command mount -o remount /usr Still , Its showing the old status, but When I check using `du -sh` , it shows the right status, Why `df -k` is not giving the right status But Is their any command,to update so. San Francisco, CA bay area any way I can make the df right? -- Darren Dunham [email protected] Technical Consultant TAOS Got some Dr Pepper?Share Point Server 20 provide the Send to option for copying to another library or location.

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