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He was also charged, but not tried, in the murders of District Attorney Mike Mc Lelland and prosecutor Mark Haase.Source: Texas Department of Criminal Justice | Developed and maintained by The Texas Tribune | Feedback Note: The images in this app were released under the Texas Public Information Act.His 140-day trial was at the time believed to be the longest and most expensive in Indiana history. Mitigating circumstances: He has shown that he could be safely imprisoned for life without parole, some multiple murderers are in the Indiana Department of Correction and not on death row.Sister Helen Prejean, who was portrayed in the movie "Dead Man Walking," was flown in to testify at the sentencing hearing. ROY LEE WARDSpencer County Date of murder: July 11, 2001. Summary: Stacy Payne, 15, and her 14-year-old sister, Melissa, were home alone in their rural Dale, Ind., home when Ward entered and attacked Stacy with a knife.

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EARLIER: One man shot four people he overheard talking about him. One female also is facing the death penalty in Indiana, but she is being held in Ohio on a separate murder conviction. Baer also faced rape and burglary charges in Hamilton and Marion counties.After putting his 7-year-old niece in an upstairs bedroom, he loaded his semiautomatic rifle and fatally shot his brother, his brother's two friends and Turner. Gibson strangled Whitis and broke her ribs and lower spine before cutting off her breast with a kitchen knife. Conviction: Murder (two counts), attempted murder, robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery. He then shot 8-year-old Lindsey three times in the head and Shelby, 23 months, once in the head.He then laid down the rifle, went to a neighbor's house and asked them to call police. Gibson's sister found the body in his garage and alerted police. After the shootings, he drove to the Henderson bridge between Indiana and Kentucky, climbed the equivalent of 11 stories to the top and jumped. Mc Manus had told acquaintances the weekend before the murders to "watch the papers" because he was going to "do something big."Conviction: Murder (three counts). Aggravating circumstances: Victims less than 12 years old, three murders.Stacy's torso was nearly sliced in two, her throat was cut to her windpipe and her wrist was slashed to the bone. Ward was on probation for a burglary in Missouri at the time and had a dozen convictions for public indecency/indecent exposure. Aggravating circumstances: Rape/criminal deviate conduct, on probation or parole, mutilation/torture.Conviction: Murder, rape and criminal deviate conduct. Mitigating circumstances: Dysfunctional family, education, and social environment, parents separated and divorced, mental retardation, low intelligence, mental illness and instability, exhibitionism disorder. WEISHEITClark County (change of venue from Vanderburgh County)Date of murders: April 10, 2010. Summary: Weisheit was convicted for setting a fire that killed Alyssa Lynch, 8, and Caleb Lynch, 5. He fled the scene and was arrested in Kentucky after On Star located his vehicle.On average, these inmates have spent 15 years, 1 month on death row.

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