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To make it through Hidden Objects - Date with Mr Grey, you'll need to solve many different item puzzles while on your date.That kiss won't happen if he's not in love, and the date has to go well for him to fall for you!While the rest of the world was going crazy in love at the cinemas, Telu Events held their own blockbuster event at the Oz Bar last Valentines’ Day.During this event, participants had the chance to date not one, not two, but The materials used are simple but amusing: the organizers picked and printed out signature lines from the book.The hardest puzzles give you a list of words and challenge you to seek out the objects without knowing what they look like.Mr Grey is waiting for you at dinner, wearing his fantastic suit and a big smile.He wants to see your new dress and give you a kiss!Start dating by solving secret puzzles one after another. Network In Discover more on our website: games salon bday Placing simplicity and retro-style visuals over any actual gameplay logic, 64 Bits is a puzzle app built only for short-burst sessions.. The official IRONMAN South Africa mobile app is here!

It's no secret he's looking for love, all you need to do is take him out to dinner, compliment his fashionable suit, and you can win!

Miss Moss, who is worth at least £15million, is said to be considering buying the £1million painting herself.

'She is obviously very comfortable with being pregnant,' said one onlooker yesterday.

Enjoy the three different levels of challenge provided to match this exciting puzzle-solving adventure:- Picture Mode- Silhouette Mode- Word mode Don't miss out this fun and free Hidden Objects game!

- Dinner, dating, suits, dresses and puzzles, all wrapped up in one secret package.

- Three types of hidden object levels: item pictures, silhouette, and word lists. - Use the map to navigate to different areas throughout your date. Power Up Daren by picking up the jetpack, shoot flames at the enemy bots, and see how many rings you can fly though! An interesting idea for a puzzle with a very addictive gameplay.

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