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John's mother Rose observed Jacqueline as not being "a natural-born campaigner" due to her shyness and being uncomfortable with too much attention.

In November 1958, John Kennedy was reelected to a second term.

John Kennedy suffered from Addison's Disease and from chronic and at times debilitating back pain due to a war injury; in late 1954, he underwent two near-fatal spinal operations.

The position required her to pose witty questions to individuals chosen at random on the street and take their pictures to be published in the newspaper alongside selected quotations from their responses. Senate, and the relationship grew more serious after the November election, when he proposed to her.On July 13 at the 1960 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, the Democratic Party nominated John Kennedy for President of the United States.Jacqueline did not attend the nomination due to her pregnancy, which had been publicly announced ten days earlier.In addition to the random "man on the street" vignettes, she sometimes sought interviews with people of interest such as six-year-old Tricia Nixon a few days after her father Richard Nixon was elected to the vice presidency in the 1952 election. After only a month of dating, the couple published the announcement in The New York Times in January 1952. Because Bouvier had been assigned to cover the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in London for The Washington Times-Herald, she took some time to accept.During this time, Bouvier was also briefly engaged to a young stockbroker, John G. After a month in Europe, she returned to the United States and accepted Kennedy's marriage proposal.One of her close friends since childhood was Nancy Tuckerman, who later was hired by Jacqueline to be her social secretary at the White House.

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