Dating video game addict


I have tried breaking up with him, but he takes it as a joke.He mostly doesn't want to break up so he doesn't have to pay any child support, or go to jail for not paying child support.If you're concerned your child may be addicted to video games don't dismiss it as a phase, Young says.Keep good documents of the child's gaming behavior, including: Treatment for video game addiction is similar to detox for other addictions, with one important difference."The more we looked at it, the more we saw [gaming] was taking over the lives of kids." Detox for video game addiction may sound like a stretch, but addiction experts say the concept makes sense."I was surprised we didn't think of it here in America," says Kimberly Young, Psy D, clinical director of the Center for On-Line Addiction and author of .

He plays for three to four hours almost every day -- more on weekends -- occasionally putting off meals or sleep. Spending a lot of time gaming doesn't necessarily qualify as an addiction."One mother called me when her son dropped out of baseball.He used to love baseball, so that's when she knew there was a problem." Howard, the project manager, says he still goes out with friends and family, so he doubts he is addicted."I've had so many parents call me over the last year or two, particularly about the role-playing games online.I see it getting worse as the opportunity to game grows - for example, cell phone gaming." But can a Young says compulsive gaming meets these criteria, and she has seen severe withdrawal symptoms in game addicts. If [parents] take away the computer, their child sits in the corner and cries, refuses to eat, sleep, or do anything." Unlike with substance abuse, the biological aspect of video game addiction is uncertain.These are games in which a player assumes the role of a fictional character and interacts with other players in a virtual world.

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