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In the book’s final pages, Lewis taps into that sense of incompleteness and helps to point it in the right direction.He describes not the hoped-for thing itself, but rather its absence, and in doing this, gives us a much better idea of the thing itself than we might have had otherwise.For such a short book, has given me a lot to think about regarding not just love between people, but also the love between people and God, the ways we talk about God, and how He works in and through our loves.I highly recommend this very underrated book to any and all.In the culture’s obsession with Eros, it has lost Friendship almost entirely by declaring it just another manifestation of Eros.Another part of it, I think, has to do with a devaluation of friendship.As Abigail Santamaria records in her excellent biography of Joy Davidman, the network didn’t care for the matter-of-fact style of presentation that Lewis had perfected in his 1940’s “Broadcast Talks” for the BBC.

The older I get, the more it seems to me that society as a whole is losing the concept of friendship.This “Joy,” this longing for the completeness and the perfection that could only be found in God, is a constant theme running through Lewis’s writing, and it makes its appearance in as well.Rather than try to describe heaven and the presence of “Love Himself” in abstract terms, Lewis instead makes his appeal to Joy, to the innate conviction that, much as we love our fellow creatures, such earthly pleasures can never be enough to satisfy us completely.And of all the loves that humans are capable of experiencing, this is the one that brings us nearest to “Love Himself,” to use Lewis’s phrase.The great thing about this chapter is that, while it is truly and completely impossible to write about heaven in a way that does it any justice, Lewis is able to discuss the future communion with God that awaits all Christians in a way that feels more immediate than descriptions of heaven often do.It appears to have forgotten what friendship is, what it looks like, and what its purpose is.

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