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The WW1 leather jerkins helped keep the body core warm and could be worn over or under the wool SD tunic.When worn on the outside they also gave protection from wear and tear.Likewise the button in Plate 1 f bears the numeral 3 above the letter E indicating the 3rd or East Regiment.The North-west Regiment had the letters NW over M, and the South-west had its regimental number 5 above the letters SW.The architect of the plan was Sir John Le Couteur, Colonel of the 1st Regiment.Following an audience with the King, at which Le Couteur displayed the new uniform, the Jersey Militia was granted the title 'Royal' in January 1831, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Jersey.

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The jacket conforms to the clothing warrant of 1768 and dates from around 1780.There were other styles in use during the period, as is shown by the officers' buttons in Plates 1 e and 2d.This came about as a consequence of the 4th Regiment having two battalions, Saint Helier and Saint Lawrence.The buttons are large (230 mm), bone-backed, flat-faced gilt with repousse letters Sth R above a numeral 4, surrounded at the outer rim by a small chevron wreath.The style of the 1st or North-west Regiment button shown in Plate 2a , that of an engraved number 1 within a chevron wreath, suggests that it is contemporary with the above.The uppers were heavy leather with the rough side out which was also oiled.

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