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With the exception of the last four on the list, which also showed more variation in the spacing - some dots seemed to be the equivalent of 3 spaces apart.oo--o----o--ooooo--Smucker's Red Raspberry Spreadable Fruit, 10 oz ooooo----o----ooo--Smucker's Black Raspberry Spreadable Fruit, 10 oz oooo--o----oo--oo--Great Value (Wal Mart rebranded) Worcestershire Sauce, 10 fl oz oooo--oo----o--oo--Bama Pineapple Preserves, 16 fl oz ooooo--o--o----oo--Simon Fischer Lekvar Prune Butter, 17 oz oooo----o----oooo--Mt.: P The bumps on the bottom of glass jars/bottles towards the edge of the bottle (outermost part) are called knurling.They usually look like small lines pointing in towards the punt.I thought they meant the pattern that the jar actually rests on, an inspection of a bunch of my jars reveals that this is a different thing (a kind of crenellation) - there aren't any dot collections on any of them, as it turns out.The only referrence to the bumps I could find was that they might be to do with recycling, each time the jar is re-used a bump is added so you know when it's time to melt it down and make a new one.I would love to see the memo: "Please return to the manaufacturer all bottles of Budweiser with the section code: oo ooo oo o" Must be the stuff of nightmares for people who work in off licences and bars.I actually have a certificate of completion of a "Education in the glass making process" or some such title hanging in my cubicle at work from Saint Gobain containers.

You load the machines with matching jars and labels, and run them until you run out of product, then switch the line to a different product.The smaller dots towards the center and often inside the punt are called the baffle.They are not a by-product of the manufacturing process of the glass. They keep the glass stable on a manufacturing (bottling) line's conveyor belt. The pattern is different on each one, there are copies on both sides, and they also have three labels, two on one side and one on the other. I also threw in some other jars I had: 26 oz Ragu jars: 19 SG 95: oo ooo o o oo 27 SG 88: ooo oo oo oo SG 20 95: oo o o ooooo 27 SG 95: ooo oo oo oo SG 35 95: ooo oo oo oo 46 SG 95: ooo o o oo oo 32 oz Mayo jar: SG 32 84: oo oo o oooo 14 oz jar: 04 88 SG: ooooo oo oo Possibly coding used in the manufacturing process. I happen to have quite a few empty jars sitting here, that are all exactly the same size.We actually had a couple of lots of glass with the knurling slightly off.

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