Dating quiz for couples


Any questions you answer incorrectly should be seen as opportunities for conversation and deepening your relationship.

And the lighter, more fun questions are included because it's important to have conversations about your positive emotions, too.

Even the lighter ones can bring up some heavy answers if you both decide you want to go there.

Would it be worth bringing more balance to your relationship?

However, this isn't always a good thing—especially when you're talking about deep topics like one another's weaknesses, fears, greatest hopes, etc.

Questions for couples can be perfect over a few drinks at a restaurant or when you share a bottle of wine, but not when you're really sloshed.

Below we'll discuss possible questions you can ask, when to bring them up, and when to avoid them.

The goal of these questions for couples is to have fun in each other's presence and learn something that will help you be a better girlfriend or wife, and help your partner be better, too.

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