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However, sometimes the dating app well starts looking dry, and you start to think, This all starts by finishing any conversations you’re having that are actually going somewhere.

A quarter of these single parents have never been married and half are divorced or separated, which has resulted in a huge demographic when it comes to the dating pool.

Single fathers are often thought to be the financially stable ones in the split, where women are assumed to be on some kind of support from the state or from their previous partner.

If the stereotypes were true men are put off by the idea of dating someone who is financially unstable or who still has associations with their ex, whereas men are deemed well off with no contact with the mother of their child.

Disappointingly; 33% of men wouldn't date a single mum, compared to the much higher figure in women.

This is possibly due to the financial associations that are attached to single mothers and single fathers.

The potential matches that the site sends me are age appropriate for me, but when I look at the age-range that those men desire, (usually 35-50) I often move past them, knowing I can’t compete with women in their desired range, even though many of those men are as much as 5-8 years older than me!

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