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For example, you can roughly date pewter spoons by the style of their stems.Hexagonal stems are characteristic of the spoons made before 1650, while hexagonal stems were made by the Dutch right up the mid-eighteenth century.Check for quality marks, hallmarks, touches or other signatures that could help date the pewter item and compare with a catalog specializing on the pewter item you are dating.For instance, if you find a pewter spoon has an "X" quality mark, you can confidently estimate the spoon as post-1694, while pewter spoons marked with touches, signature-style designs particular to a master craftsman, are more characteristic of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries CE.There are various methods used to date pewter items, too many to mention in a short article, or a whole book for that matter.We will discuss a selection of these methods using pewter spoons, a popular pewterware collector's item, as an example.When accompanied by the pattern number (three or four digits) the mark can be dated to 1828/18291824-1830Imperial standard was introduced in 1824. The firm was assumed by James Willis Dixon and a third son, Henry Issac Dixon, and a son-on-law, William Fawcett, became full partners.1879-1927Basic mark used in this period. This voluntary escucheon mark bearing King George IV initials (d.1830) was applied to Imperial standard measures prior to the compulsory introduction of verification marks (1835). The "trumpet and banner" was registered in 1879 and added to the mark to avoid confusion with those of two Sheffield competitors having the same initials, Joseph Deakin & Sons and James Deakin & Sons.

For instance, the inside of a cup or the underside of a spoon.

The earliest item made of pewter is a flask found in a grave at Abydos in Egypt, which is dated between 15 BC.

Pewter is an alloy of tin and other elements such as bismuth, lead and antimony.

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