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The maximum monthly earnings used to calculate contributions are 10 times the minimum urban wage. The insured's contributions also finance sickness and maternity benefits and the marriage grant (see Family Allowances, below).A percentage of monthly covered earnings in the last 100 weeks.For an assessed degree of disability of up to 25%, a lump sum of five years of the full disability pension is paid. or partner receives 60% of the deceased's last covered salary.Other widows or partners receive a lump sum of two years of survivor pension.If there are no other survivors, brothers and sisters younger than age 14 and dependent parents are eligible. The reference salary is 20% of covered earnings in the last five years or 10% in the last 10 years (whichever is greater).

Ministry of the People's Power for Labor and Social Security ( provides general supervision.

Partial disability pension: Paid for an assessed degree of disability from 25% to 66.7%.

Constant-attendance supplement: Paid if the insured requires the constant attendance of others to perform daily functions.

Social Insurance Institute ( managed by a tripartite board and director general, administers the program. Private- and public- sector employees; cooperative members; household, seasonal, and casual workers; recipients of old-age, disability or survivor benefits; and certain dependents. 66.7% of earnings is paid for up to six weeks before and 12 weeks after the date of childbirth.

Free medical services are normally provided directly to patients by the medical facilities of the Social Security Institute for up to 52 weeks; may be extended for another 52 weeks for convalescent care.

The deceased satisfied the qualifying conditions for an old age pension or was a pensioner at the time of death.

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