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If you are in a profession in the UK, it can be hard to find like-minded people, or to find the time to invest in your personal life. We have 1000s of members in the UK like you...successful professionals all looking for friendship, romance or maybe something more...Join FREE, and maybe start something special today!

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We have thousands of Pretoria singles and many others across South Africa ready to connect with you.Finding, meeting, attracting and keeping a guy involves four separate skill sets requiring practice but far easier than writing a doctoral dissertation. It is the soft power of cooperation and persuasion, which after 5,000 years is slowly replacing the hard power of direction and coercion.Consulting a good book, a good coach or a skilled friend can shorten the learning curve. What I'm trying to say is this: in nature, feminine and masculine energy balance each other out perfectly.People -- this is not some luxury you attend to after you take care of all the important things in life, like making VP or adopting a labradoodle. Some simple ideas: resolve to accept more invitations to social events, focus more on your hobbies (where you may find like-minded men, unless your hobby is needlepoint), throw more dinner parties, or ask your friends to introduce you to solid guys. In life as in sexuality, feminine energy is engulfing and inextinguishable (the vagina always triumphs over the penis).Also, remember that dating is a skill you can learn and master just like that Chopin ballade. In the Taoist metaphor, the feminine is the resilient generatively of water, versus the consuming transience of fire.Seeking singles in Pretoria and using the best dating service in Pretoria is just a few clicks away with Dating za - By browsing through numerous Pretoria dating personals offered through our dating site and using the many communication tools, features and facilities on offer - you will certainly find someone that catches your eye pretty quickly.

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