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You will need to contact your private student loan lender and ask about your disbursement schedule.

The private loan lender determines your private loan disbursements, which should be in the terms of your loan agreement.

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A few years after graduating college you may find yourself in a weird spot.

For specific information regarding canceling your private student loans, contact your lender.

Your student loans may be disbursed on a different schedule than someone else’s.

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Your school will pay out your loan money in at least two payments (aka disbursements) that will cover a full academic school year.It’s important for you to read any student loan correspondence you receive (and keep it in a safe place), so you know exactly what to expect.When in doubt, you should contact your school and student loan servicer and ask questions.Your school disburses both Federal student loans and private student loans alike (that is to say, whatever sources you borrow money from will be disbursed by your school).Students typically receive their federal student loan in two or more disbursements.If you attempt to cancel your loans more than 120 days after disbursement, your loans will be treated as having been disbursed, fees and interest will apply, and you will have to repay your loans based on the terms (you can make a repayment with your full loan disbursement, but your loan will not be cancelled – it will be repaid).

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