Dating is hard


So you can turn that dark tunnel into a bright field.

Basically do the opposite of everything in the first paragraph of this article.

RIP DOC thanks for being such a huge influence on me and helping mold me in to the big leaguer I was, I will be forever grateful for everything you did for me, you were a true gamer and good person gone way to soon 🙏 for the family A post shared by Jesse Litsch (@jlitsch6) on He may have only spent one season in a Blue Jays uniform, but Bengie Molina had the pleasure of being behind the plate for 21 games during the 2006 season.

Molina said Doc was one of the best pitchers he’s ever caught.

Trying to be aware of everything as much as possible, what’s happening inside you, what feels honest and what feels forced, observing how people respond and cope and why, and if that works for you and what you feel you want, need, deserve, and learning, adjusting, and growing. Becasuse you will need that skill in building any relationship or you will be doomed.

That means it is always changing as circumstances and feelings change. As you get to really know someone, all sides of someone, as you begin to build trust.

Because hearts are buried deep in the aftermath of what happened (traumatic experiences from the past).

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