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A deal was struck when Gosnold got back to England.

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Who knows --- Obtaining financial relief for his father may have been the main objective for the whole voyage.

Historian David Beers Quinn theorizes that Brereton himself may have been a protégé of Hakluyt and produced the book himself to Hakluyt’s exacting specifications: narrative-parsing, incorporating others’ specimen lists, leaving out the maritime details and so on.

Archer’s relation, which is more detailed, was also delivered to Hakluyt sometime before 1607 (probably late 1602).

In it he complains to the Principal Secretary of State about Gosnold’s infringement on his monopoly patent for America.

The goals of Gosnold’s voyage seem varied, maybe too ambitious.

They caught so many and in so little time that they started to throw them back just to make room on the thirty-ton ship.

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