Dating ideas in the bay area

Go out for a sunny, Sunday stroll paired with some of the best people-watching ever.

Stop in at Pier 17 for a free factory tour (offered daily) followed by a tasting of artisan chocolates based on the pure flavors of cacao from around the world.

Play hooky from work to critique art at the Legion of Honor or de Young Museum (climbing to the top of the 144-foot observation tower is always free) on the first Tuesday of every month, or get in line early for select free admission days at the Exploratorium or California Academy of Sciences. New additions to the San Francisco Zoo in the last few months include a tiger cub and giraffe calf (coming in at 130 pounds, 5’10), plus you’ll find 250 species of adorable animals including penguins, koalas and kangaroos.

Mark the monthly free admission day for San Francisco residents on your calendar and if all goes well finish the date with a chilly walk on the beach, waiting just outside the park’s exit.

Tip: Print out some fun facts beforehand to provide context at each stop.

The Stern Grove Festival just opened its 76th season, providing free performing arts every Sunday at the Sigmund Stern Grove outdoor amphitheater throughout the summer.

If you’re looking for some pizza and brews before a show, then head over to Listen to music in a whole different way at the Audium.

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