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Ultraviolet runs from 4000 A down to about 100 A, X- rays take over to about 1 A, and these are followed by the gamma rays to no known lower limit.The named divisions are artificial and serve only to block out large spectral segments.Spectra are commonly seen reproduced either photographically or graphically.Electromagnetic energy cannot be separated from matter.

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The differing kinds of radiation simply have different wavelengths, that is, the separations between crests in two successive waves.Though light and its partners can act like waves, at the same time they can act like a stream of particles.In a crude sense, these particles, called "photons," carry the waves.Shorter than violet you would see the ultraviolet, that which gives us tans and sunburns, and then you would encounter much more dangerous X-ray radiation and finally deadly gamma rays.Except for the energy they carry, all portions of the spectrum -- ordinary light, infrared, radio, ultraviolet -- are fundamentally the same.In the modern spectrograph, light is sent from the telescope onto a "collimator," a curved mirror that straightens the converging beam.

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