Dating griswold skillets


It is a very good guide to have if you are interested in learning more about different vintage pieces, as well as the different years they were produced.Some molds for certain pieces were only in use during specific time frames, making it invaluable if you want a piece from a particular period.

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They have a complete index of the Griswold mold numbers.I'd give it a fifth star if they'd put a little more effort into detailing some of the diagnostic features typical to pans of a specific vintage - I'm still a little in the dark about just which handle is the "old handle" and which handle is the "new handle," given that I've seen at least four or five handle styles on these pans, and I'd like to know a bit more about some of the skillets which were manufactured by Griswold but don't say "Griswold." such as Victors and Puritans, etc.The authors do give full pricing and photograhic information for those makes, but they don't really give any information about why they exist or why they don't say "Griswold" on them.That's true - it says right in the front of the book that the prices were gathered in 1995, even though this is the fifth edition and has supposedly been revised a few times since.But, I get the impression from what I'm seeing in the marketplace that, whether due to this book itself or due to the market for cast iron, the prices quoted are still fairly accurate for most pieces.They also included a nice informative blurb about the history of each company which is represented in this guide, and a list of part numbers for each line which is invaluable if you're trying to tell just what it is you're looking at.

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