Dating games men play and why


They turn you into something that needs to be figured out, and eventually won over. You ladies know how fascinated these men are with women who are hard to get.Therefore, you truly believe that the only way for you to win him over is by playing him back.Turns out, I was his choice for Wednesdays and Fridays: on a good week, that is.Though they all seemed very different at first, it didn't take me long to realize they were all really good at being predictable.He once told me it was only OK for us to kiss in public if he was the one to initiate it. Apparently, their love for each other was simply uncontrollable, and he couldn't bear spending another day without her.

Most likely, they also still regularly talk to an ex.These men worked their asses off to win my affection.But when they finally did, they realized the game was over. Here are four examples of Millennial daters: This was the man I fell in love with within days of moving to my new city.He suffered severely from “wants what he can't have” syndrome.Basically, he only seemed to desperately want to talk to me when I tried blocking him. This was the man I used to distract myself from the sociopath after we broke up. He seemed to say all the right things, until he realized there was another woman out there who he thought was a better “fit” for him.It felt like a game everyone else seemed to be playing, for reasons I didn't understand.

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