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You can locate the Clark RZ Appointment Notice is in the post-entitlement folder in DPS.Si usted habla español y no entiende esta carta, por favor llame o visite su oficina local de Seguro Social.Un representante de la oficina de Seguro Social le explicará esta carta.Fill-ins: NOTE: If we recover an overpayment at the same time we are resuming or reinstating benefits because of Clark, use paragraph OPT127 to explain the overpayment removal or reduction instead of the ROAR overpayment paragraph.For instructions on using paragraphs in MADCAP and AURORA notices, see instruction in GN 02615.160B.2.b. We also looked at the earlier decision we made on (_1_) case to see if the Clark v. We found that this court case does not affect our earlier decision.On that date: If you can't keep your appointment, please call us. When you call or come in, please have this letter with you.

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