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The centennial edition of the Courier does not show much real estate for sale and few realtors. 15) are found both rental property and property for sale. In 1958 the first open lumber storage building was built and was later doubled in size in 1960.

Seven houses were advertised for sale in the Courier on August 26, 1953: one house and furnishings to be auctioned by Col. A steelclad pole building was erected in 1973 for fork truck handling of bulk building materials.

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That page includes some of the senior Alvey's recollections of Lincoln from the first decades of the 20th century: "In the early days sodas were made from home-made ice cream and syrups for ten cents. In the summer ice cream was brought from Peoria in large wooden buckets which had to be hand packed with crushed ice each night.

At the same time both storage buildings were converted to provide better storage of bulk building materials and for better utilization of existing space" (p. Dorothy Faye Shop-Tots and Teens, Pulaski Street on the Square (see 19.2 above); Gleason's Men's Clothing, Pulaski Street on the Square (19.2 above); Hosiery and Lingerie Shop; Jacobs and Company on Broadway; Myers Brothers, Kickapoo on the Square; Mode O'Day, Arcade Building; Penny's on S.

Kickapoo; Spurgeon's, Broadway on the Square Boyd and Paisley Dry Goods and Millinery was located in the Gillett Building at the corner of Broadway and Kickapoo Streets and was major retailer in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

If nothing else -- you needed to be aware of their presence --as an unwary kick or stumble might leave your leg stained in a very unpleasant manner. A 1/4-page ad for this company appears in the centennial edition of the Lincoln Evening Courier, Centennial Edition, Section Three, page 15. pictured below, Alexander's Lumber Company was a major source of lumber for local construction. The business was located at 910 Woodlawn Road and was purchased from the Weldon Huffacker family which had operated a truck sales and repair business in the concrete block building located there.

I could jpg the pages from the directory --but that would deny me the opportunity to offer my pithy (? I will wait until I have the time to keystroke those entries -- at a later -- but not too--date." Fred Real estate sales in the Route 66 era was not the big and popular business it later became. Alexander's Lumber was located on Sangamon Street in the same block as Lauer Hardware. 625) A history of Mitchell-Newhouse appears in Paul Beaver's Logan County History 1982: "On April 1, 1954, Mitchell-Newhouse Lumber Company was founded by David J. The concrete block building was converted to provide an office and sales area in the front third of the building with the remaining area used as lumber storage.

Yet, more and more stores are less centrally located, with a new developments on Woodlawn Road and its extension on Route 10 between Business 55 (old beltline of Route 66) and I-55.

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