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You are in top 20 WTA Rankings and №3 in doubles and have had an amazing season this year. - Actually the season was very successful, and I’m glad how I have performed.You showed good results at Grand Slam tournaments especially a lot of joy was brought for the fans by your success in doubles final at Wimbledon. Of course you always want to get more, want to win every tournament.My racket Babolat Strike absolutely meets my requirements.Who helps you nowadays in your preparation for the tournament? We worked together during the WTA Asian series in Wuhan and Beijing.Yes, lucid dreaming has been researched scientifically.Many psychologists and researchers have recognized that lucid dreams can help with artistic creativity, problem-solving, improving sports and language skills, and can even help people prone to nightmares to get their fears under control.I like how it looks like, what is extremely important for girls ().And, of course, for me as for a professional tennis player it’s essential that it should be made from the high quality materials.

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It’s a tournament not only with Russian but also with world tennis history. I always come here and try to do my best playing in front of the fans, relatives and friends.Moreover it’s a triumph on Grand Slam tournaments – Wimbledon, Roland Garros, US Open. I am working hard on opening the tennis academy named after me in Sochi, my home town.And one more single title that I got in Eastbourne. We have had several meetings with the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov.Now we are negotiating about the land within the city limits where the courts can be built as well as the gym and the pool to practice and prepare for the season.The representatives of different sports are still visiting Sochi in order to prepare for the competitions.And it’s difficult, cause when you want something very strong it rarely happens easily.

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