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If you have friends and family who have trouble sending mail from their Yahoo accounts, find out if they are sending their mail from outside Yahoo. They will not be able to send their Yahoo email from other services.

As Senior Director of Data Support, Christine ensures that Return Path's employees, customers, and consumers are able to get the answers they need about our data and data sources.

Have you ever received an email from a friend with only a URL inside?

On a recent radio program, the host said she was unable to send mail because the Heartbleed vulnerability caused her mail at Yahoo to bounce.

I had to call and tell her it was not related to Heartbleed at all, and that she could no longer send her Yahoo mail from her small business domain.

Prior to joining Return Path, Christine spent seven years fighting spam for AOL where she led a team of content filtering and IP reputation experts.

Connect with her on Twitter @christineborgia or at

As long as Yahoo keeps their DMARC reject policy in place (and there is no indication they will remove it), you can no longer send mail using your Yahoo address unless you send the mail directly from Yahoo.

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