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He became a priest in 1862 in the archdiocese of Cologne where he later met Archbishop Jean-Marie Odin of New Orleans.Odin frequently traveled to Germany in search of priests that he could recruit to Louisiana to serve the growing German immigrant population in New Orleans.Accompanied by folk dancers in lederhosen and dirndl skirts, and facing long communal tables filled with partygoers devouring hefty servings of bratwurst and sauerkraut, the musicians set the festive tone for the annual Germanfest, a tent-shaded gathering evocative of Germany’s Oktoberfest celebrations.Come Christmas Eve, residents of Roberts Cove celebrate midnight Mass at their parish church, St.

Thevis returned to Germany in 1878 with the intent of luring other family members to settle in southwest Louisiana.

Though the monastery never materialized, he purchased land for a rectory and school and brought with him a Catholic brother to conduct classes in German, a practice that continued well into the first decades of the 20th century until Roberts Cove was confronted with a new wave of discrimination. From this time on, until again peace reign in the world, the citizen or alien of this country, whatever his propaganda or unpreparedness is an enemy, and if there is no law to punish him as such, congress should enact one.” Gossip about perceived anti-American activity threatened to ruin the lives of upstanding citizens.

Johann Stamm, among the few residents of Roberts Cove who left farming to establish a business, owned a hardware store.

he story of Acadiana has long been known as one of refugee resettlement.

The saga of the Cajuns—French Canadians forcibly expelled from the maritime provinces in the 1750s by the British crown—has been immortalized in Longfellow’s epic poem , and their triumphant, transplanted Francophone culture is celebrated in food, music, dance, holiday celebrations and a yearlong calendar of festivals.

Among the Guidrys, Ancelets, Boudreaux and La Combes, the phone directory lists such Teutonic surnames as Habetz, Olenforst, Zaunbrecher and Gossen.

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