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A Broadcasting Station, undor tho private management of Mr. BUY WORLD’S BEST RCA RADIO AT THE DECCAN RADIO HOUSE, HYD'BAD. ri»S EXALTED HIGHNESS, ASAF JAH, Nl UZ A F F A R-U L- M U LK WAL MAMALIK N IZ A M - U L- M U LK , N IZ A M - U D - D A U LA NAWAB SIR MIR OSMAN ALI KHAN BAHADUR, FATEH JUNG. THE DISTRICT OF WARANGAL: has Karimnagar on its Northern side, Godavari tui the South, Krishna on the West and the Districts of Nalgonda and Medak on the East, It has an area of 8,205 sq. It is intersected by the Bivers Godavari, Krishna and Palari. Haisanparti ; It contains many weavers who are engaged in making silk dhoties. Garla ; Is famous for its timber, which is exported in large quantities It is a railway station.

A very ambitious programme of irrigational development, costing the Govornmont about 30 crores of rupees, is shortly to be undertaken by the Tunga- bhadra Project. Another wiso move by the Railway has boen the introduction of an extensive Bus system. Statistical records show a decided improvement as far as preventing opidoniics are concorned and tho medical and tho Sanitation Department can bo said to be on the best of footing. Subedar Thasildar, Warangal do Warangal do Pakhal ... Tho provision of landing ground all over the State is under contempla- tion. This is the first time that the people havo boon vested with such a large measure of civic responsibility. These Subas in turn are divided into districts including Bagath, there are sixteen districts. Hanamiconda It is the seat of the Subedari and is also the district heads quarters — famous for its Thousand Pillars Temple and the Tomb of Shah Abdul Gani. A scheme of aviation is on foot and under tho control of an Aviation Board an area of about 50 acros has boon acquired in Beguinpot behind the Jagirdar's Collego. Another forward step has been the purchase of the N. The gross earnings of the Railway, amounood in 1342 F. The Total expenditure of the Medical Department is about Rs. Tho Hydorabid Municipality has been turned into a popular institution and tho first election of the City eldors has boen an unqualified success. ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISIONS HYDERABAD DOMINIONS for the purpose of administration, is divided into four Subas, namely, Warangal, Aurangabad, Gulbarga and Medak. The tomb of Saint Shah Afzal makes it a scone of annual Urs. The money will bo utilised in laying out a cricket pitch, a pavilion, two Polo grounds, an Athlotic Track, two Football INTERNATIONAL CALENDER CORPORATION P O. Being a Subadari it possesses civil and criminal courts. A plan of Sports Grounds, costing over 4 lakhsofrupoes,undorthe Hussain- sagar Bund is under contemplation. In consideration of its historical impor- tance it is now treated as a city. 1936 HYDERABAD DIRECTORY WITH A PAGP TO A DAY DIARY A Descripttve Guide of Hyderabad State and its Markets. THE ROAD MAP OF HYDERABAD CITY AND THE MAP OF THE DOMINIONS SHOWING RAIL.

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