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All ammunition sales must adhere to applicable Federal, State and Local laws.

] NOTE: We can not sell or ship ammunition to any residents of Kalifornia, Massachusetts or Illinois, or other states or localities run by liberal idiots. Vote the rascals out, or flee to freedom in another state while you still can!

This is the full THREE VOLUME SET, not a single volume.

Friedrich Brass und Oliver Knig Die Geschichte der Bergischen Uhr.

(priced at .95 if bought separately) comes FREE with purchase of this volume.

FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED .00 (View Picture) NOTE: We were fortunate to acquire several dozen boxes (full, partial or empty) from some of the most advanced collections of .30-06 ammunition ever assembled.

These are EMPTY cartons which held ten 50 round boxes.

Most in excellent condition, but you can see more in the photos. These will be shipped folded flat so FREE SHIPPING on these. .00 (View Picture) 22971 100 BALL BULLETS CAL .30 M1 TYPE FRANKFORD ARSENAL - Full box of 100 with 1959 label date.

Round Ball to Rimfire -- Part Two Federal Breechloading Carbines and Rifles (528 pages) This book fully covers Federal carbine and rifle ammunition.

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