Dating according to astrological signs

Cancer is going to feel intimidated by everything you do and probably harbor that shit—like, you’ll definitely feel like the crazy one if you date a Cancer. You’re a fixed sign, which means even though you like being the center of attention, you’ve got stability in your blood.

So you’re like the Camille Grammer of the group—you are part of the in crowd but you’re not the one trying to start drama.

Obviously all betches love attention, but the Leos are on another level.

You shine in the spotlight and everyone is charmed by you.

You’re an Earth sign, which means you’re pretty grounded.

Like when you say you’re chill, you actually mean it.

One thing’s for sure, whichever sign is the one that makes a 30-year-old dude keep a Bob Marley poster over his bed is def least compatible.

The Aquarius sign is constantly changing, which will annoy the shit out of you.

Basically, you need to date a Dan Humphrey, not a Chuck Bass that will obsess over you in an overbearing way.

You’re a very emotional and loving person, which means you get along with someone who can show they’re caring.

You are an air sign, which means you’re balanced but also easygoing.

You can have fun getting drunk at brunch or dancing on top of tables in VIP at 2am.

You’re also a huge flirt, which means you’re not going to get along with Scorpio, because they’re jealous AF.

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