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In 1959 the stereo-equipped ES-345 came along, as did the less costly ES-330.

Most nameplates are either on the wall of the fresh food compartment or on the frame of refrigerator near the floor. Special thanks go out to the Wisconsin Division of Energy and the U. Department of Energy's Weatherization program for making this web page possible.

Their generousity will enable many people to identify cost-effective actions that will reduce energy use and eliminate unnecessary pollution.

A lower price made it popular in mid-sixties beat group-era Britain, but a subsequent shift in fashion and playing styles saw sales suffer and ES-330TD production ceased in 1972.

Although seen by many players as a poor relation to Gibson's other twin-cutaway semis of the sixties, the ES-330TD has certainly had its fair share of fans, likewise even more fashionable close cousin, the Epiphone Casino.

Each month in Guitarist Magazine, we dissect a piece of vintage guitar goodness and give you the run-down of every part of it, from the neck and the finish, to the tuners and scratchplate.

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