Dating a selfish man


They're “too busy” or “tired,” or didn't have their phone on them, aka they don't care to take two seconds to respond to you because doing so does not serve them.If you were to send them a naked picture, however, that person would respond right away because it works in their favor to do so — in order to get more from you.I couldn't talk to him after I had a bad day because I knew he would be too “busy” to hear about it or take the time to comfort me.I always had to run and ask my friends for advice before contacting him because I knew he was all for him, and never for anyone else.

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To see each other, he would have me commute an hour and a half, and then walk a mile to get to him.where Molly's ex approaches her wanting her back, but she refuses. Instead, I waited until the guy walked away from me. For a long time he would take what I not-so-jokingly termed “3-5 business days” to text me back."Ever since we met it's about what I'm doing wrong... I was lucky to get a response in anything less than an eight-hour minimum lag time.When that happens, it's time for them to leave and become someone else's parasite.Nothing makes a relationship more imbalanced than selfish behavior.In the end, this dude kept telling me how he cares about me. The only person a selfish person can ever truly care about is himself.

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