Dating a married woman with kids dating a pathological liar


O Lord, show mercy on them as they showed mercy to me when I was young." If the parents of that gentlemen objected on the grounds of her having a child, divorced status, and even being a convert - then it could possibly be unislamic advise...

I have actually seen a case myself where the Parents made their son divorce an American Muslimah-by-birth (same ethnic background) because she spoke too much english at home, couldn't speak the mother-tongue as well and so was causing 'issues' for the in-laws !

Nowhere in the Quran can u see GOD asking single men not to marry divorced women just becoz they have a child. For i know and you know sister,that believers are guaranteed happiness here and in the here after only because they uphold GOD's law and nothing else and do not setup partners beside him. May I suggest that you concentrate, for now, on raising your son, learning your religion, and maybe a career track, if you have not already finished college, and given your good looks, intelligence and sense of humor, a suitable mate should flow naturally. With respect to your question about divorced women with children factoring into a marriage decision, of course it factors in, however so does education, religion, age, race, beauty and a whole host of other considerations.

I feel it's far better to be honest with feelings before getting married." How could this possibly be when their advise is not binding upon their son's decision?"If the parents of that gentlemen objected on the grounds of her having a child, divorced status, and even being a convert - then it could possibly be unislamic advise...And in your case,the guy like many, chose to follow man's law. From what i understand from your post,in his culture or whatever,marrying a divorced woman with a child is not right or isnt recommended for a single never-married guy. If a believing man loves a believing woman,they agree with the dowry,ask permission to parents (as a show of respect or to honour them,their consent is however not necessary) etc marriage is permitted.And one of them having a child from a previous marriage is not an issue. I submit to him and his law not what the world or my culture tells me, not what my parents tell me(if it is against GOD's law),not what anyone tells me.Salam sister, First of all you are choosing a haram way by going on arab dating sites u find nothing but men who will make u go astray and not surprise they will be born haram's result is haram.halal's result is halal, u r young enough to restart,concentrate on ur career,be a lioness,u will see Lions following u automatically,believe me sister,dont loose ur caracter which is the most important for a woman this is what a man looks for in a woman specially muslim men.beware of indians pakistanis and arabs who marry american girls for nationality,i m also Indian but telling u this as sister.again there good men also look for someone who is good know his deen and if he needs ur support like getting a greencard or something thats no harm but beware of their intentions. He is 30 years old, and I have to understand that he has an independent life (even if he is living with his parents, he should have his job and he should be economically independent).

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