Dating a libra scorpio cusp


It’s very difficult to carry these scorpio and gemini relationship long term unless they are both ready to communicate on every level.

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Gemini mans flirting nature and the need to keep lots of secret can ring the wrong bells with the scorpio woman.

Scorpio take relationship intensely and seriously and he finds the same missing in Gemini.

Gemini take on life with light heartedness including his/her lover and freedom is quite a priority for the geminis.

She wouldn’t stop short until she understands the Gemini man completely.

On the other hand Gemini’s need for constant mental stimulation may tire the scorpio woman, while the scorpio woman’s need of emotional and physical intimacy would be difficult for the Gemini man to reciprocate.

The Gemini man on the other hand may abhor her jealousy and possessiveness.

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