Dating a divorced libra man


(This lasts until their solar progression moves into Scorpio, at which point they become incredibly stubborn and empassioned themselves, but that is the subject of a different article entirely.) Libra men are a breed unto themselves.They are the guys who dated every pretty girl in high school or college (or desperately wanted to), never managed to have their heart broken (or appeared that way anyway) and could charm the pants off of all their mothers at the same time.Is his idea of a relationship to be a lazy slug and mooch off his lover?Can you mentally compare how he is now with how you perceive him to have been just a few months or years ago when the marriage crumbled?If he is complaining about getting railroaded by "the system," it could indicate that he is too cheap to pay for a good lawyer.

Dig deeper with casual questions centering on why the judge would do what he did.

You might actually become a mini-expert on your state's legal nuances involving separation and community property. This is often a turnoff, but you can make this time matter for you in addition to just being a shoulder to cry on.

Listen carefully to what he says about the judge's rulings; the law is based on reasonable expectations.

If he puts pressure on you to allow him to move in with you – especially if the source of his rent is dubious – follow the advice of one strong woman's grandmother: "don't fatten frogs for snakes" …

Don't just let him move in without addressing his past in order for you to observe clues for your future.

Any stalling, or worse, attempts at reconciliation are red lights for you to put a stop to seeing him until he is officially, legally single. If so, that tells you that he is willing to work on disagreements as well as letting you know that the divorce was not a rash decision.

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