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NOTE: Merong additional required documents for confinements abroad.

Finding love is a challenging quest even in your home country.

Though to me there’s nobody that knows me better than myself and I’m always able and ready to describe myself whether it be my “good” qualities or my “not so good” qualities.(I guess haha) Nobody is perfect, and we have to find happiness within ourselves regardless of our personal qualities when it comes to “who” or “what” we are. I made my blog to express my thoughts and feelings, not to please anyone; not even you, whoever you are.

___________________________________________________ WHY “THE PESSIMISTIC OPTIMIST BELLA”? I look out for the bad things, know there is bad that can happen to me, and expect bad things to happen to me.

Make sure your Philhealth coverage has been deducted from your hospital bill before discharge.

If the hospital asks you to sign a waiver, read the waiver. Only members hospitalized abroad can file their claim directly with Philhealth.

They have been reviewed manually by us to ensure their profiles are legit, real., you will receive a mailed or courier-delivered Benefit Payment Notice (BPN) from Philhealth.Philhealth will mail the benefit notice to the address you wrote in your claim form.I do fear everyday that one great and terrible thing may happen..This is when I feel paranoid, angry or otherwise negativly towards the world.As a premier dating site, we successfully bring together singles from around the world.

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