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As one of my clients, a 72-year old woman said, “I was good enough to sit next to you in kindergarten, but I’m too old for you now?” I also suggest that if online dating is not working for you, and you think you feel and look younger than your years, try and meet people in person — get out there and meet people in real life. Look for people in a wide range — including your own age and even older.We understand that the quality of the members is what makes a site successful and at, we are not only a recognized millionaire dating site, but also a site that offers sound dating advice too.We pride ourselves on quality and to ensure your experience with us is enjoyable, each profile is reviewed by a member of staff to ensure that a standard level of quality is found.But these people don’t know you and they’re not rejecting you as a person.They don’t know who you are or what you have to offer.In my experience as a coach, people assume that others their own age aren’t as in shape, as financially successful as younger people. But you know, everyone ages, everyone gets wrinkles, everyone has baggage. They have no problem telling me, I want a woman 20 years younger than I am.They think someone who’s 60 must not be active, or people who are 70 must not be working — even if they themselves are. For whatever reason, social norms say that the man should be older — but why?

Recently, Erika — who is also a dating expert for JDate, the author of “Love at First Site” and a syndicated columnist on dating — wrote an article about the ageism she sees among her online dating clients.

Our Tanae Howard went to Los Angeles to interview the chef.

It turns out not only is he great in the kitchen but he’s also a dating expert and had some tough advice for Tanae living in the single world.

It’s frustrating for women when men won’t include a woman up to their own age in their search; a man is 65 and only lists women age 45 to 55. I’m working with a client who is 36 and thinks a 33-year-old is too old for him. It’s a huge double standard, but women are generally more accepting of older bodies in a partner than men are.

I’ve worked with so many wonderful, successful women, and its frustrating for them. Men say, I want a thin, athletic woman, and women say, I want someone who’s intellectual and cultured and well travelled.

Her clients range in age from 22 to 72 — with more on the older side.

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