Couples paid to cam

A tiny black dot on the Longboat Key bedroom smoke detector was enough to alert an Indiana couple that something was wrong.

Sure enough, when the couple got a closer look, what appeared to be a smoke detector was actually a camera pointing directly at the bed, according to ABC Action News.

On Sunday , a mobile video of a couple alleging assault and rape threats against a traffic cop in Janakpuri went viral on Twitter.

The camera attached to the cop's uniform, however, nailed the couple's lies, police said.

The camera showed that the couple had assaulted the cops during an argument, in contrast to their claim on Twitter.

Police officers said the body cam footage shows the woman and her husband attacking the policeman and tearing off his uniform during a scuffle, following which they were arrested on the spot.

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Sunday's incident was reported around 12.30pm when traffic constable Vicky had stopped a three-wheeler goods carrier for checking near the Janakpuri district centre.

Derek Starnes, in a call to ABC Action News, said he and his wife were “freaked out” by the incident.

Starnes explained he saw a black hole on the smoke detector and took it down.

29 and was released on bond, according to jail records.

His reason for having a camera in a smoke detector?

However while scanning through the body cam footages, cops found Bablu and Shabnam arguing with policemen and suddenly attacking Vicky .

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