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And that's being generous, as it seems that Nikon has kept a few older models still in production—perhaps to use up sensor commitments.

In terms of what Nikon currently sells as new, there are at least five different DX sensors in play, but strangely, not particularly differentiated. By consolidating sensor use in the lower end products and developing automated factories, they're tackling the broader consumer market with some prodigious cost cutting.

We've seen them back-track a bit with the 20mp sensor in the D7500 and D500, but you have to wonder what Nikon is doing here.

By my count, we have six different sensors in their ILC bodies (20mp 1", 20mp and 24mp DX, 20, 24, and 45mp FX).

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Sony, obviously, made a choice after NEX and SLT to back up and pursue high margin over volume, and they decided that meant that they had to be continuously vested in upping the sensor tech.

They've been first to a lot of things on the sensor side, but their camera prices had to go up in order to do that.

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This is similar to when Nikon fixated on repurposing the 6mp DX sensor across quite a few models. Canon is now in the position of making millions of basically the same sensor, potentially reducing their sensor costs both from an R&D standpoint as well as benefiting from yield improvements and a single inventory item to stock/track.

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