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There are girls who, like me, are full-time college students with a wild side who need an outlet.

There are girls who are brilliant and ambitious, but are struggling to pay rent or tuition simply because of life’s circumstances.

I am writing this piece because underneath all the harsh judgments, being a stripper has been a worthwhile and even empowering experience.

A question I get a lot is “Do you make a lot of money?

I know a lot of girls who would consider becoming a stripper “if they had the body for it.” The truth is that strippers come in all shapes and sizes because men like different body types.

There are short girls, tall girls, girls with big boobs, girls with small boobs, girls with nice butts, and girls with no butts.

Being a stripper actually takes a lot more work than most people think.

As someone who has a flirty personality and loves to show off, this job allows me to do that while remaining grounded in my life outside the club.

It is honestly super fun getting to wear dancer outfits and learning pole tricks too!

We’ve all had those days when we are stressed beyond belief..know, the days when we find out we failed an exam or that we have three papers due in the same week.

And I’m sure most of us have said in these moments, with varying degrees of seriousness, “F*ck it, I’m going to drop out of school and become a stripper.” I know I have.

I’ve always had a wild side and needed an outlet for it; when the opportunity came along, I decided to try out the dancer life.

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