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No one thought it actually occurred yesterday—"thoughtful consideration" takes time, after all—but it's not like Schumer (or at least the unabashedly honest and blunt persona that she trades on) to have told Howard Sterntwo weeks ago that she was still seeing him if she wasn't.She talked about what drew her to him online (his profile pic was him dancing with his grandma) and being able to get off of Raya fairly quickly because he was her first date off the app.Which is not to say that she shouldn't incorporate any future boyfriends into her stand-up, or stop making jokes about sex, or otherwise be disingenuously prim and proper. Rather, there's no need for her to insist a guy loves her for her, to feel the need to prove that they're serious and, ultimately, make a hero out of a guy who's engaging in normal, decent boyfriend behavior.(Though, duh, if you look at social media, that fairly sums up everyone's approach to relationships.)It's easy to see why it was hard for her not to go that route with Hanisch, though.

But though she makes it clear she's in on the joke, at the same time, Schumer's appearance is still one of her own frequent targets.She has nothing to prove, no matter what kind of comments people are leaving on Instagram.“I’ve been saying inappropriate things since I was a kid,” says comic Nikki Glaser. I’ve always been interested in sex — but I was a virgin until I was 21!She also told Howard, when asked if Ben was her type, physically: Actually, "I like a guy a little f--ked up. Give me something where I feel like I'm bringing something."We get that that's part of her shtick.I need them to have an impediment, so I feel like I can really bring something... Being self-deprecating and cranking up the microscope on her normalcy-painted-as-flaws in order to scathingly and insightfully make fun of society's judgmental ways are at the core of her comedy. One response to the claim said that it wasn’t fat shaming because Schumer “fat shames herself in her comedy routine.” Also Read: Amy Schumer Exits Live-Action ' Barbie' Movie There were a couple users who agreed with Duggan (to which the account replied “thank you!! I’m tired of the media and publications trying to push the FAT agenda. What is wrong with featuring healthy and fit cover models?

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