Clay buchholz dating erica


And no, not in the haven’t-washed-my-jock-since-last-spring kind of smell.It’s like an invisible energy that fills the city every early April. “I’ll perform any favor you can think of for your ticket” …Both times he pitched well, and both times he took the loss because the other guy shut down his offense.This is an important idea as we move forward, especially in light of the recent worries about the back end of the Sox rotation.The biggest blogosphere buzz on the Boston Red Sox the last few days, fortunately, has to do with the personal life of one of the team’s up-and-coming pitchers.(Thanks to devoted reader Caesar for sending this our way!2008 Penthouse Pet of the Year, Erica Ellyson, is dating Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz.

Father: Skip Buchholz Mother: Robin Girlfriend: Erica Ellyson (Penthouse Pet, together 2008)Wife: Lindsay Clubine (model, m. As I have always maintained, Boston is a better place when the Sox are playing, and better even still when they’re winning.The cold, white, sissy-repellent that litter the streets during the cold months has melted away, and for those brave enough to bear it (or for those simply forced to) we have earned ourselves the right to another season of Red Sox baseball.This would normally be good enough for a win, but against a guy whose last pitch in the eight inning was 100 MPH, there isn’t much the offense can do.So for the second consecutive start, we have seen what people have been saying we would eventually see from Buchholz (ignore the No Hitter, it was september against a bunch of call ups for a last place team, and for his well being we can’t compare every start to that because it was a fluke), and for the second consecutive start he has come out with a loss.He is starting to round into form and the fact that he knows that he is here to stay (Brad Penny, meet Waivers) even when the other guys start to come back has just made him more secure in his stuff and ready to pitch each time he gets the ball.

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