Classroom activities about dating violence


You may follow the instructions exactly as printed, or condense to fit within your time frame.A powerpoint presentation has been made that goes along with the lesson, which you may use instead of making all the handouts.Show any of these short video clips from "Love is Not Abuse" and discuss. Curriculum from Liz Claiborne has also been recommended by FCCLA.You may obtain an e-mailed copy from Love is Not Abuse Download the lesson plan.Unless the abuser gets professional help, the abuse will only escalate, even into marriage.End with songs from Utah Office on Domestic & Sexual Violence.

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Without giving any names, what type of conditions exist?How can you say your message in a few words so that other people will notice and understand your purpose?Divide the class into small groups to write a slogan / catchy phrase / short advertising statement.You can make your school safer by implementing a policy against abuse, training staff and educating students.Here are some ideas: To build a safe school environment, all staff should feel confident in responding to dating violence appropriately.Or write and post their violence prevention Ads online.

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