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"What they’re setting and what’s going into motion really can affect our daily lives," Locher said.Ahead, a look at some of the strange and surprising laws Locher found.“I feel that not being able to have teacups with wine in them is really strange—I personally do that all the time," says Lochner."And I mean, undressing in front of a man’s portrait, I don’t see how that conversation would’ve ever come up." Locher hears about these from a variety of sources, so she does her best to confirm they actually exist, or once did.

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With the help of the internet, a children's book published by Scholastic in the 1970s, and a fact-checker, Locher has tracked down apparent statutes on everything from bouncing pickles to more serious topics, like Peeping-Tom photos.It's not hard to satirize statutes that ban people from picnicking in a graveyard or tickling a woman's chin with a feather duster.Many of the things that legislators have seen fit to legislate read like something straight out of Monty Python.A foreword from American poet Kenneth Goldsmith and an interview with the artist by Eric Shiner, former director of the Andy Warhol Museum, contextualize rising-star Locher's photography.From serving wine in teacups in Kansas to licking a toad in Kentucky or perming a child's hair in Nebraska, breaking the law has never looked so good. For months, she found that bit of trivia popping back into her head.The resulting photo series, , is now set to be made into a book that will be published in 2017.

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