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While there are five hundred thousand active members, there are about fifteen million members in the Christian Mingle database who have been active in the past but are now inactive.Christians on this website are looking for men or women of the same faith who share their beliefs, their values, and are looking for a serious relationship and to express their love with each other.After you’re done writing about yourself, you’ll have the chance to express your preferences regarding your potential matches.You can highlight what you want to see in your ideal match by focusing on the age range, their location, their height, their weight, body type, etc.Christian Mingle is only in the United States and Canada but still has over five hundred thousand members in the two countries.

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The website’s popularity partly stems from the fact that it’s been around since the early days of the Internet.

After all of this personal information about yourself and your potential matches, you can dive into what you would like to express about yourself when it comes to your hobbies and activities that you do during your free time by listing a number of them in the ‘Things I Like To Do’ section of the profile.

Christian Mingle also gives its members the chance to write different essays introducing your profile to other users and to get a better sense of who they are as people and as Christians.

Examples of general information include gender, height, weight, race / ethnicity, smoking habits, drinking habits, married or single, children or no children.

By entering in this particular information, it will be easier for your matches and visitors to know whom you are and what are you like.

The membership is made up entirely of Christians or people who would like to date and have a relationship with Christians.

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