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Twilight By Kristen Heitzmann / Bethany Laurie thought she'd never return to her hometown, but she was wrong.

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Their charge is to find out not only what happened, but why--the veritas (Latin for truth) behind the seemingly impossible phenomena.

No longer confined to the realm of his own imagination, Aidan embarks on an adventure where he meets knights, warriors, kings and mysterious Glimpses who can travel between worlds.

Aidan joins them in the struggle between good and evil.

Their new assignment: Hangman's Curse In Baker, Washington, three popular student athletes lie in an incoherent coma, with loss of muscle coordination, severe paranoia, and hallucinations.

It's whispered that they're victims of Abel Frye--a curse that's haunted the school since a student died there in the 1930s. Several of Frank Perretti's Christian books for teens as well as adults have a scary element to them.

Paul: Dragon Keepers Chronicles, Vols 1-5 By Donita K. The Door Within Trilogy #1: The Door Within, Softcover By Thomas Nelson Aidan Thomas is miserable.

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